Mac Kee France
Mac Kee France
Nevis, West Indies
Four Seasons Resort Nevis
Director of Guest Experiences

30 Years of Personalizing the Guest Experience

By Erinne Magee

Mac Kee France was a part of the welcoming crew who met my water taxi at the Four Seasons Resort pier in Nevis. He is a stylish man who would probably tell you his best accessory is his shoes but it only took a moment for me to realize it was actually his smile that was most recognizable.

In his 30 years at the property, Mac Kee’s official title may have changed a few times (now he is known as the Director of Guest Experiences) but his job description never mattered a whole lot because at any given moment, you can find him lending a hand in just about any department. “He’s basically the mayor of Nevis,” Mac Kee’s colleague told me.

The truth in that sentiment echoed during my time at Four Seasons Resort Nevis. At meal times, I observed Mac Kee strolling from table to table, knowing every guest by name. Kids and adults alike delighted in his presence, each guest awaiting their turn to catch up with Mac Kee. He knew how to relate to different personalities, a trait I later asked him about.

“I just pay attention, which helps me anticipate what they need. I always make a point to show up. When guests see you around a lot they know they can count on you.” Which is part of the reason, Mac Kee fields all kinds of requests from guests. Whether it’s extra towels, a food order, customized experience or something else.

I had been to Nevis twice before this particular visit but because of COVID-19 protocols, I could not leave the Four Seasons property. So I spent a lot of time with Mac Kee as he gave me some pointers on the golf course, introduced me to eco golf (the balls turn into fish food when they land in the ocean) and gave me a botanical tour of the 300 acre property. As someone who has a special relationship with their grandmother, I was pleased to learn Mac Kee credits his own grandmother for passing down the knowledge about plant species and their healing properties. The wealth of information Mac Kee possesses goes deeper than educating guests, but satisfies a pride in teaching someone as his grandmother taught him.

One day I sat in on “Coconut Story,” an activity Mac Kee leads for all guests but that kids especially enjoy as they are taught all the uses of a coconut. No part of the coconut goes to waste, Mac Kee assures us, detailing practical uses for the shell, husk and even the leaves from the coconut tree. He joked that it is possible to make toilet paper from the husk, should a shortage arise again.

And then there were the treats. “Hey, make sure to take one back to your father,” Mac Kee tells a young kid as he hands her an extra coconut dessert platter.

Indeed Mac Kee stands out to everyone and embodies a natural leadership that echoes throughout the Four Seasons. Because of the example he sets, there were actually a handful of employees who I wanted to spotlight on The Heart of the Hotel and I think that is of course a nod to Mac Kee but also a testament to the culture of Nevis as well as the property itself.

About the journalist:
Erinne Magee is the founder of The Heart of the Hotel, a Reiki practitioner and author of THIS IS CAMP.