About The Heart of The Hotel

We aim to highlight those employees who truly elevate the guest experience, not because it’s their job but because genuine service and connection is simply a part of who they are as a person.

Meet The Founder

Erinne Magee

I’ve always been a writer, but before I said that out loud to anyone, I spent several years working in hospitality. Maybe it’s my affinity for hotels that makes me feel so connected to those who work there or perhaps it’s simply the curiosity I have for learning someone’s story.

In my time writing for publications like The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Travel + Leisure, American Way, National Geographic and Smithsonian, it wasn’t the bylines that excited me. Looking back, my favorite stories were the ones that highlighted someone doing something really special. Sure, I could gush about a new hotel opening or unique amenity of a destination but that type of writing doesn’t always feel genuine. I wanted my voice to sync with the voice of someone who was making a difference. Connection has always been my purpose. Writing has been the vehicle.

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Meet the Journalists

Our writers have one thing in common: we live for sharing stories from those who steal our hearts.

While the journalists we feature are well-traveled, they are also seasoned storytellers who have bylines in major newspapers and magazines.

If you are a writer who has connected with a special heart worker, please pitch your story. And yes, we pay!

Have a Story? Let Us Know

As much as we love to receive your nominations, the goal of The Heart of the Hotel is to meet our heart workers in a natural way (rather than have these employees pointed out to us). That said, we are on the look out for shorter highlights from travelers around the globe who share our sentiments in praising those who make our stay a memorable one.