Honoring Hotel Employees Who Are

the heart of our travel experience

Meet The Heart Beat

They are there when we check-in

They remember our name

They offer local insight

They share stories we cherish

 Our Mission is Connection

Finding the spirit of a place through those who make our vacation last a lifetime.

As a freelance journalist, I have spent my time traveling solo, which has given me the opportunity to really talk to the people I meet along the way. Specifically, the faces I’d see each day at my hotel or resort.

I fell in love with the stories and genuine warmth of so many people that when I’d get asked about my trip after returning home, I found myself gushing about hotel employees. But rarely did I get the opportunity to write about these sacred human beings. Still, I had this aching. I knew the stories needed to be told.

For me, it’s not the 5-star meals or suites with private pools that linger beyond my departure. Instead, the natural smile, the openness, the thoughtful greetings and gracious gestures are what stay with me.

The way I see it, a brand’s greatest assets are those who put on the uniform each day. Not to carry out a job description, but because service and charisma are who these employees are as human beings.

They are, The Heart of the Hotel.

“Heart workers” play a major role in how a traveler perceives their vacation. In my opinion, interacting with the staff has always been my greatest souvenir. As you read through the profiles, I’m willing to bet you will have a heart worker who comes to mind.


A hotel is your gateway to the local culture.

The spirit of the destination often reveals itself before you even step off the property … that is, if you are willing to get to know the heart workers who are making your travel dreams come true.

Four Seasons, Nevis West Indies

Four Seasons, Nevis West Indies

Outrigger Resort, Waikiki, Hawaii

Outrigger Resort, Waikiki, Hawaii

Profound Connections & Deeper Travels

The true beauty of a place lives in those who spend their days making sure you, the guest, has a memorable, relaxing and easy visit. Often these people aren’t just the heart of the hotel but the spirit of the destination. They are proud to be from the very land you are standing on. We can honor that pride by honoring the way in which we visit the places on our bucket lists.