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Open Your Heart  to Nevis

Unless you’re Beyonce, the only way to get to the island of Nevis is by taking a water taxi from neighboring St. Kitt’s. Already, you’re in for a treat before you even step foot on the shores of this magical West Indies destination.  

 You may have heard Lin-Manuel Miranda dub Nevis the “Forgotten Spot in the Caribbean” in Hamilton. Not only will Nevis stay on your mind after you leave, but you’ll be planning your next trip back before you leave. There’s a quiet beauty to the island that captures your heart. Travelers who are looking for luxury will find it. Those wanting a low-key stay can do so. Adventure? Yes. Wellness? Definitely. Food? It’s hard to know where to begin. But, let’s try!

Where to eat

The ‘Lil’ Cherry Tree is located in the village of Barnes Ghaut and is a gem of a place, offering typical convenience store needs, alcohol and food right off the grill. 

Speaking of grilling, it’s not uncommon to see roadside pop-ups where you can stop in for a piece of chicken or fish. 

For a more traditional restaurant experience, Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill is a popular hangout on the island. Listen to live music, grab a Carib or the famous “Killer Bee.” 

What’s special about dining in Nevis is you really can’t go wrong. The above suggestions are local spots, but all of the island’s hotels also offer delicious Caribbean cuisine.

Exploring the island

Sure you can rent a car or get around by way of taxi, but to get up close and personal with Nevis, Funky Monkey Tours will show you the island’s beauty while satisfying the adventure-seeker in you. Salute the donkeys. Play peek-a-boo with the monkeys. Heads up: You’ll need to pay a fee and obtain a local driver’s license to operate the 4×4.

Get lost in the scenery at Botanical Gardens of Nevis where tropical flowers and greenery will have you feeling the tranquility in no time. Don’t forget to visit all the Buddha statues scattered around the property. The on-site restaurant serves up Thai food and fresh cocktails (ask about their secret ingredient in the Purple Rain).

For your social (media) needs

No matter where you are on the island, you’ll have a view of Nevis Peak (unless of course, you’re hiking the peak), making this  lush green beauty the perfect backdrop for all your photos.

For a sunset capture, head over to Montpelier Plantation and Beach and enjoy a bite on the terrace of Restaurant 750 while the sun makes its way into the sea off in the distance. Bonus photo opp: the 300-year-old sugar mill on property, which doubles as a private dining option.

Four Seasons Resort Nevis is the place where Instgram dreams are made of. Take a walk on the pier to get a breathtaking view of Nevis Peak, pose on Pinney’s Beach with St. Kitt’s in the background or pause by one of the luxury pools. Don’t forget to stop by “On the Dune ” for a Kendie’s Kick (maybe you’ll even meet Kendie herself!).

Get your meditation on

Golden Rock Inn is a majestic boutique hotel, tucked away on the slope of Nevis Peak. Nestled between 40 acres of gardens, the property has an enchanted feel that allows guests to indulge their senses. The peaceful surroundings offer the perfect spot for meditation, yoga and other spiritual or wellness practices. If you can, give your taste buds a treat and stick around for dinner.

Honoring the mango

Every July, Nevis celebrates mango season with the Food and Mango Festival, featuring cooking classes with celebrity chefs like Judy Joo, mango tasting at the Agricultural Farm, mango-themed cooking competition with other Caribbean islands and other events throughout the weekend. On the final day, chefs from local restaurants and hotels bring mango-inspired dishes for festival-goers to sample.

Meet the journalist:

Erinne Magee is the founder of The Heart of the Hotel, a Reiki practitioner and author of THIS IS CAMP